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Bespoke Costs Limited is a firm of Law Costs Draftsman specialising in a variety of areas.  Our fee earners have vast experience of dealing with costs cases (both inter-partes and between solicitor and client).

Our services are non-exhaustive and, if a costs issue needs to be dealt with, then Bespoke Costs will have the experience and “know how” to deal with the case.  Our Costs Draftsman have acted on behalf of both Claimant and Defendant alike.  Our experience allows us to properly identify any potential issues and forecast the likely outcome of any particular matter at a very early stage of the process.

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Our experience allows us to properly identify any potential issues and forecast the likely outcome of any particular matter at a very early stage of the process.

Our Services & Expertise

As the company name suggests, we offer a range of services tailored to suit our clients.  Whether it is a “cradle to grave” service or just a requirement for the preparation of documents, we provide the bespoke service that our clients desire.

Our service also includes professional advice and assistance throughout the process.  If we prepare a Bill of Costs for a client, we will also give our client advice on what the case is likely going to be worth at assessment and the likely issues that will need to be overcome.  This advice is given at the time of preparing the Bill (so you do not get any nasty shocks later in the process).  We also provide our advice on how things could have been handled differently from a costs perspective with a view to ensuring enhanced profitability on future cases.

Costs Budgeting (Precedent H) on a deferred no win no fee basis

Part 8 proceedings for enforcement  & disbursement recovery

Statements of Costs

Points of Dispute and Replies

Bills of Costs

Estimates of Costs

Over 30 years’ costs experience

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Bespoke Costs Limited was formed in November 2015 as a partnership between two long-time friends.

With over 30 years’ experience, the partners of the firm are focused on offering a bespoke and unrivalled service to their clients.  Both Steven and Austin enjoy the “hands on” approach and know what it takes to make each and every case succeed.  It’s this personal touch that sets Bespoke Costs aside from other Costs Draftsman.

You can be certain that Bespoke Costs will handle their cases with the professionalism and competency that you would expect from Costs Draftsman with such pedigree and experience.

Steven Sherlock

Steven Sherlock began working in costs in September 2000 and began his career in the costs department of a solicitor firm in Blackpool town centre.  He went on to work for a firm of independent costs draftsman and now has more than 15 years experience in the costs industry which has seen a whole manner of changes to the legal landscape.  Steven has prepared bills exceeding £1,000,000 and has actively pursued his own caseload to detailed assessment (including advocacy) with a high percentage of success for his clients.

Austin Clarke

Austin Clarke completed his degree in Business Management before entering the world of costs as a Costs Draftsman in 2008.  Since joining a firm of independent costs draftsman, Austin has gone on to manage his own caseload and successfully conclude several high value cases.  Austin was also actively engaged in client liaison and kept a watchful eye over the caseload of others to ensure cases were being handled efficiently and meeting client expectations.

Our service expertise


We understand that outsourcing costs work is not always the preferred option for solicitors and insurers.  The usual alternative is to employ a Costs Draftsman in-house.  However, that is not always desirable as it creates an annual salary.

Here at Bespoke Costs we believe we have the solution to this scenario.  Why not take advantage of our “Hire a Costs Draftsman” service? Simply pay by the day or half day and one of our experienced Costs Draftsman will work on the costs cases that need attention in your office.  This includes the benefit of files not having to leave the clients office and it also means that questions can be answered immediately.

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