We Are Bespoke Costs…

Established in 2005, Bespoke Costs is a team of costs experts that has been built on the reputation and knowledge of its’ two co-founders.  We specialise in legal costs and are led by an experienced, professional team with a wide scope of legal and business experience.  Through our refined service and the power of word of mouth, Bespoke has continued to flourish whilst always providing the best possible outcome for our clients.  At Bespoke, we put our clients first and always pride ourselves in applying the personal touch.

Bespoke Costs thrives off reputation… with 90% of new clients coming through referrals

meet the team

Austin clarke

Austin is a Co-Owner of Bespoke Costs and brings a wealth of business and practice experience to the firm.  Having previously worked as a Practice Manager and Costs Negotiator, Austin’s friendly but robust approach always ensures the best possible outcome for our clients.

True or False…

Austin is a clean freak and has held down a separate job as a cleaner for 14 years?


Steven Sherlock

Steven is a Co-Owner of Bespoke Costs, and possesses over 20 years’ experience in the legal costs sector.  Steven’s wealth of costs knowledge and grasp of the legal field in general has served him well over the years, and has only contributed to his strong reputation.  Steven’s approach epitomises what Bespoke Costs is about which is always putting the client’s first.

True or False…

Steven’s family heralds from Scotland and he has a collection of kilts in the tartan colours of his family

Dale Bowkett
Law Costs Draftsman

Dale worked alongside the Co-Founders at a previous costs firm where his work ethic and tenacity to negotiate were noticed.  Following the inception of Bespoke Costs, Dale was brought on board to deal with everything from Part 8 costs to Applications.  He has been with Bespoke for many years now and continues to adopt the Bespoke approach of achieving the best outcome for our clients.

True or False…

Dale has starred in several movies to actually make it to the “big screen

dean ackroyd
Law Costs Draftsman

Dean is a Law Costs Draftsman and joined Bespoke Costs in 2018.  Dean has built up a strong costs knowledge over his career in the legal sector and always takes the initiative to better himself through research.  As an LLM graduate, Dean has an aptitude for producing detailed bills and approaches every piece of work with renewed vigour.

True or False…

As a youngster, Dean attended Hoddesdon Kart Racing Club with a young Lewis Hamilton?

Costs Dog

Watson is the latest member to join Bespoke in July 2020. Scientific research suggests that having a dog in the office can reduce stress… but that is very much open to debate!  Watson enjoys long walks and chewing all items of furniture.