Bespoke Services

Costs Budgeting (Precedent H) on a Deferred No Win No Fee Basis

Our costs draftsman have been preparing costs budgets since their addition to the industry within the Costs Management Pilot Scheme iIntroduced to the Technology and Construction Courts (“TCC”) and Mercantile Courts on 1 October 2011.  The previous format was a “Precedent HB” and was quite different to the format that we see today (following years of perfecting the format and rules surrounding budgeting). 

We have prepared an array of budgets over the years ranging from modest value multi-track cases to high value and complex cases, including group litigation.  Whatever the case type, we can prepare the perfect budget for the needs of every individual case. 

Unlike many other costs firms, we offer a no win no fee service to our client’s on claimant matters (and some defendant matters depending on the scenario).  Our clients have piece of mind to know that, if the case ends up going south, they do not have to worry about paying our charges out of their own pockets.  We also defer payment of our fees to conclusion and, in the vast majority of cases, our fees are recoverable from the paying party meaning our service is effectively free of charge. 

We can often prioritise urgent budget cases when necessary to ensure that court deadlines are met.  We know just how important it is to ensure that the budgeting rules are followed to the letter as the consequences can be severe. 

We also have vast experience in dealing with budget negotiations, preparation of Budget Discussion Reports and attending CCMCs to deal with costs budgeting.

If you would like to instruct us in relation to a costs budget, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will gladly assist. 

We are fully up-to-date with recent developments including the new Precedent T implemented from 1st October 2020 to seek revision of approved budgets.

Part 8 Proceedings for Fixed Costs, Disbursement Recovery & Enforcement

One of the key aims of the Jackson Reforms was to ensure that Claimant solicitors could pursue claims at reduced cost and time.  The two key elements of this are: –

  • Cash Flow
  • Recovery of Disbursements

Quite often, insurance companies are failing to pay out the agreed costs, damages and/or disbursements in time.  They also often challenge disbursements to try and make a saving. 

Here at Bespoke Costs, we have developed a service to ensure that your costs and disbursements (along with your client’s damages) are received as promptly as possible when the insurer fails to adhere to their payment obligations.

We offer a no win no fee service and we ‘front’ payment of any court fees on behalf of our clients to ensure that we can get claims progressing through the courts without delay.  In addition, we offer a split of the recovered Part 8 costs / application costs / assessment costs (whatever procedure is necessary for the case) so our client makes a little extra for the additional time spent. 

If you have an outstanding amount owed or there is a dispute over a disbursements (however small), then please get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to advise and discuss a case plan. 

Bills of Costs

Whether it is an old-style Bill of Costs or a new formal “E-Bill”, we have the experience and software tools to create a forensically drawn Detailed Bill of Costs.

The E-Bill, in particular, can be a tricky document to correctly prepare which means it is essential that it is prepared by a well trained and experienced costs draftsman.  The ability to correctly identify the phase, task and activity for every item of work is a precious commodity.  A failure to properly prepare a Bill of Costs can be detrimental to the eventual costs recovery.

We can offer a quick turnaround of bills and prioritize when necessary.  Our fees are recovered from the paying party and, unlike other firms, we do not charge our clients for any shortfall in the recovery of our fees.

If you would like to instruct us in relation to a Bill of Costs, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will gladly assist.

Points of Dispute and Replies

At Bespoke Costs, we offer a full “cradle to grave” package.  We can deal with a matter from costs budgeting right through to a final costs assessment.

This will often include preparation of Points of Dispute and Replies to Points of Dispute.  These documents amount to a party’s submissions for provisional / detailed assessment.

It is important that the correct legal arguments are made (and responded to) to ensure that the optimal result in achieved at any court assessment.

Our fee earners are constantly keeping up to date with important case law and changes to legislation to ensure that we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with complex legal arguments (be that for the receiving party or the paying party).  We regularly attend educational seminars to ensure we are equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills to combat our opponents.

If you would like to instruct us in relation to Points of Dispute or Replies, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will gladly assist.

Statements of Costs (N260, N260A and N260B)

Whether it is a standard N260 Statement of Costs for a Fast Track Trial, or a more detailed Statement of Costs for a multi-track budgeted case (N260A / B), we have the experience and expertise to prepare the document that is required for the case.  We can often prioritize cases with closer hearing dates to ensure the Statement of Costs is ready for filing with the court in time. 

If you would like to instruct us in relation to a Statement of Costs, then please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will gladly assist.