What sets us apart!

Bespoke Costs Limited is a firm of Law Costs Draftsman specialising in a variety of areas.  Our fee earners have vast experience of dealing with costs cases (both inter-partes and between solicitor and client).

If a costs issue needs to be dealt with, then Bespoke Costs will have the experience and “know-how” to deal with the case.  Our Costs Draftsman have acted for both Claimant and Defendant.  Our experience allows us to properly identify any potential issues and forecast the likely outcome of any particular matter at a very early stage of the process.

Provide FREE advice on all areas of costs law

Budgets on a deferred no win no fee basis

We split all Part 8 / Costs of assessment with YOU

Defer payment of our fees until you have been paid

We pay all court fees upfront deferred until conclusion

Provide a full itemised bill in Precedent S format with your no win no fee budget

We do not seek our costs from the client on cases discontinued

In addition we proudly offer